Windle Trust International

5 Apr 2017
+44 01865 712 900

Windle Trust International’s (WTI’s) mission is to challenge poverty and inequality by expanding access to, and improving the quality of, education and training for communities affected by conflict, displacement, neglect or discrimination in Eastern and Horn of Africa. They are a British capacity-building NGO with registered offices in the UK, Sudan and South Sudan and over 40 years’ experience of providing education and training in the region. They also work closely with their independent sister Windle trusts in Uganda and Kenya as part of the Windle International network.

At their core, WTI’s strategy and programmes aim to improve the quality of education whilst also increasing inclusive and equitable access for otherwise marginalised groups. This involves developing professional training provision in the areas in which they work, as well as offering scholarships at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. WTI are proud to be able to collaborate with partners such as DAFI and the Commonwealth Scholarships Commission to support scholarship provision in Africa and in the UK.  Beyond this, WTI have particular focuses on girls’ education and English language training, whilst also targeting youth skills development, the expansion of alternative education programmes, and the provision of education in emergencies.