SMART Liberia

19 Feb 2019
Rebecca Zeigler Mano

SMART Liberia is a non-profit with a mission to empower a generation that will lift Liberia into a prosperous future. We do this through low-cost, innovative and sustainable learning spaces that nurture and inspire youth to aspire and become positive Changemakers.

One of the ways SMART Liberia seeks to provide empowerment for students across Liberia is through its Education Advancement Program. SMART Liberia’s Education Advancement Program is a gap-year program that prepares top performing high school graduates for quality International education opportunities. We recruit high-level academic achievers with proven commitment to service, a desire to lead systemic change, and a demonstrable understanding of Liberia. In one year, students receive high-quality mentorship and coaching to prepare them for admissions to international universities as well as academic training to help them excel in college. Students will complete mandatory courses in a core curriculum that will deepen their understanding of Liberia and the world, cultivate their leadership and entrepreneurial skills and prepare them to thrive as conscientious global citizens. Beyond academics, students will join a growing ecosystem of Liberia’s most talented young people in a social change hub as well as regularly engage with some of Liberia’s most promising businesses, civil society and policy leaders.

The goal of the program is to build a network of well educated, and globally connected young people who have an invested interest in changing Liberia and the World for the better. We seek commitment of service to Liberia, in the public or private sectors, as part of our Lift Liberia Scholars qualification. Since 2016, the program has supported 15 Lift Liberia Scholars secure international universities admissions.