17 Jun 2016
Rebecca Zeigler Mano

SHE-CAN is a San Francisco Bay Area based non-profit organization that builds female global leadership by helping disadvantaged young women from post-conflict countries win scholarships at U.S. colleges and universities, and return home to their nations as change agents.

As our world continues to get smaller, raising a global generation of capable and gutsy female leaders is critical to systemic change. That’s why SHE-CAN seeks out smart, ambitious, low-income young women in post-conflict countries such as Rwanda and Cambodia and provides them with a U.S. college education, a 5-6 person mentor team, and professional leadership training.

Our mentor teams support each scholar through every step of her transformative journey— from securing a scholarship to thriving in school to finding her voice. All 28 of our current students are studying at top schools such as Scripps, Whitman, Bennington, Bucknell, Harvard, Lafayette, Oberlin, Smith, and Haverford.