Lebawi Academy

22 Feb 2019
Rebecca Zeigler Mano

Lebawi Academy is an academic institution with a vision to inspire, nurture and develop the next generation of leaders for Ethiopia, Africa and beyond. This vision is inspired by the gap between the potential our youth exhibit and their severely limited access to quality education on the one hand, and on the other, the unprecedented opportunity that exists to change the negative stereotype of Ethiopia and Africa as a place where knowledge is only consumed, and not created. To successfully put this vision to practice the school has developed and has been implementing a curriculum model guided by five core principles; highest quality curriculum and instruction; leadership through service; locally robust and globally connected community; technology; and sustainability.

The school is seeking to be a pioneer in 21st century disruptive education with the primary objective of helping every student unleash his/her fullest potential. The intention is to Offer a global education that nurtures students to discover their purpose, challenges them to think critically, empowers them to set and surpass their own standards, and inspires them to contribute to the leadership efforts of Ethiopia and Africa.