Kakenya’s Dream

17 Jun 2016
Rebecca Zeigler Mano

The Kakenya Center for Excellence (KCE) is an international nonprofit organization leveraging education and knowledge to change the life trajectory of marginalized girls in remote and underserved areas of Africa. The school was founded by Dr. Kakenya Ntaiya who left her village of Enoosaen, Kenya to a college degree, doctorate, and a strategy focusing resources on underserved girls in her home area.

KCE is forever altering the lives of girls and embedding in the community a growing appreciation of the unique leadership opportunities that can — and must —be made available to girls. The Kakenya Center for Excellence is changing attitudes about girls’ education in rural Kenya through three interconnected strategies: KCE Boarding School: A formal classroom immersion environment through our all girls boarding school for 4th-8th graders in Enoosaen that operates in collaboration with the Kenyan government.

KCE Health and Leadership Training Program: An informal experiential learning approach which centers on information sharing – leadership, health, rights, legal issues, traditions, etc. – through peer-to- peer learning for adolescent girls and boys, community outreach and parental education.

KCE Network for Excellence: A structured alumnae program that provides KCE graduates with the support needed to thrive in high school, including financial support, a mentorship program, and continued social, academic, and career guidance.